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The aboriginal race of Ghana all along the sea-coast and inland, at some points 15, 20, 30 and 40 miles northward, were nearly all of the Guan, Kyerepong, Le and Ahanta tribes, speaking different dialects of the Ahanta, Obutu, Kyerepong, Larteh Le and Kpeshi languages. They seem to have extended from Asini down toTema; thence to the Volta were the districts of the Les, speaking Adangme, the mother dialect of Ga.

In the interior were the Twi or Fante tribes, who, as we suppose, when the Moslem invasion of Western Europe was stemmed, and the Christians reasserted their superiority in Spain, were driven by the Moors from central Africa into the low lying countries between the Kong Kpong mountains and the river Pra.

Hence the tradition of the Fantes about their emigration to the coast, that they separated from the other emigrants and were called Ofatewfo i. We suppose this to be more the real meaning than "Efantewfo" pickers of "efaii" i.

The emigrants from the interior, after crossing the river Pra, travelled along it to the coast, and either subduing the aborigines or driving them along the coast, they settled in the country between Sima Chama and Dwomma Gammah, Mumfort along the sea-coast as well as in the interior.

When the Akras arrived at the coast, they met the Guans and the Ningowas who were very hospitable to them as they originated from the same place in the middle east. The Guans later on moved to the Akuapem mountains and beyond the river Volta leaving the Akras behind.

What the Lartehs say of having had 30 towns, and the Kyerepongs, also 50 towns, may be true of that time. Thus we see that the tribes of Larteh, Anum, Nkonya, and even the Bowure people in Krepe, emigrated from this coast to the other side of the Volta.

The Bowures are reported to have emigrated from Mowure in Fante. There are, however, some remnants of the aboriginal race of the Les, Kpeshis and Obutus mixed up with the Akras.

Larteh Akuapem

All the lagoons from Laloi near Kpoh Poni on the east to the river Sakumo and the lagoon Sakumo in Apa Apam on the west were owned by the Kpeshis and Obutus or Afutu-Berekus; the first lagoon they named Sakumo nukpa the elder and the river they called Sakumo fio the younger. The lagoons which the natives worship as their fetishes have all their religious songs in the Obutu or Kpeshi dialect. This shows that the Obutus and Kpeshis were the first settlers on this tract of land.

There is, however, a tradition which says, that the lagoon Sakumo nukpa Tema Sakumo was the property of the Ningowas, who in their wars with the Labades pawned it to Adshete Ashabara, king of Tema. The Ningowas are said to have shared the tract of land between the river Sakumo and Laloi with the Akras; the boundary was the lagoon Kolete at Christiansborg. This shows that they may have shared the land between themselves after the conquest of the Kpeshis, knowing, according to tradition, that these two tribes, Akra and Ningowa, emigrated together to this coast.

The original inhabitants of the Akuapern Hills were predominantly Guan. These towns are located on the Akuapem Ridge, which runs northeastwards across the Volta Region and extends further into Togo. Akuapem i.A Dutch report included the name Mampo Mampong in their records.

Larteh Akuapem

This indicates that Mampong had been founded before The name Mampong might have been taken from the Shai village, Mankpon. Another tradition indicated that early settlers, after defeating an invading Asante army moved from an old settlement to a new one — the Damti shrine neighborhood.

Constant use of that phrase evolved to become Mampong. The third probable reason for the name is the connection Mampong-Akuapem has with her Asante counterpart. Mampong became famous when Tetteh Quarshie planted in some cocoa seeds in the town. He had brought them from Fernando Po.

akuapem towns

A plantation was set up in the s to teach farmers the correct methods of raising the cocoa plant and other crops. Farmers of Mampong became the pioneers of the cocoa industry in Ghana. July 7, Dr. He is the first person from the African diaspora to be given this prestigious honor. The center conducts research in the use of plant medicine in the cure of various ailments. Mampong celebrates the Ohum festival in September or October.

It is a yam festival and it is connected to the worship of the god, Damti. Ohum is the time to thank the divinity and show appreciation for the abundant harvest as well as to ask the divinity for more of such harvest. Although Ohum marks the beginning of the harvest season and epitomizes the traditional beliefs of the people, its significance began waning with the advent of Christianity in Mampong.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Akuapim North District. This Ghana location article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.Woodcarving includes stools, which are recognized as "seats" of power, and akua ba wooden dolls that are associated with fertility.

There are also extensive traditions of pottery and weaving throughout Akan territory. Kente cloth, woven on behalf of royalty, has come to symbolize African power throughout the world. Akan is a generic term which refers to a large number of linguistically related peoples.

The rise of the early Akan centralized states can be traced to the 13th century and is related to the opening of trade routes established to move gold throughout the region.

It was not until the end of the 17th century, however, that the grand Asante Kingdom emerged in the central forest region of Ghana, when several small states united under the Chief of Kumasi in a move to achieve political freedom from the Denkyira. The Asante confederacy was dissolved by the British in and colonized in Although there is no longer a centralized Akan confederacy, Akan peoples maintain a powerful political and economic presence.

Early Akan economics revolved primarily around the trade of gold and enslaved peoples to Mande and Hausa traders within Africa and later to Europeans along the coast. This trade was dominated by the Asante who received firearms in return for their role as middlemen in the slave trade. These were used to increase their already dominant power.

Various luxury goods were were also received and incorporated into Asante symbols of status and political office. Local agriculture includes cocoa cultivation for export, while yams and taro serve as the main staples. Among the Fante who live along the coast, fishing is very important.

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The depleted forests provide little opportunity for hunting. Extensive markets are run primarily by women who maintain considerable economic power, while men engage in fishing, hunting, and clearing land. Both sexes participate in agricultural endeavors. Royal membership among Akan is determined through connection to the land.

Anyone who traces descendency from a founding member of a village or town may be considered royal. Each family is responsible for maintaining political and social order within its confines. In the past, there was a hierarchy of leadership that extended beyond the family, first to the village headman, then to a territorial chief, then to the paramount chief of each division within the Asante confederacy.

The highest level of power is reserved for the Asanthene, who inherited his position along matrilineal lines. The Asantahene still plays an important role in Ghana today, symbolically linking the past with current Ghanaian politics. Akan believe in a supreme god who takes on various names depending upon the particular region of worship. Akan mythology claims that at one time the god freely interacted with man, but after being continually struck by the pestle of an old woman pounding fufu, he moved far up into the sky.

There are no priests that serve him directly, and people believe that they may make direct contact with him. These include ocean and riverine spirits and various local deities.

Priests serve individual spirits and act as mediaries between the gods and mankind. Nearly everyone participates in daily prayer, which includes the pouring of libations as an offering to both the ancestors who are buried in the land and to the spirits who are everywhere. The earth is seen as a female deity and is directly connected to fertility and fecundity.Accra — Situated in the centre of the beautiful Akuapem hilly town of Mamfe in the Eastern region, feet above sea level is the Akuapem Rural Bank.

As one of the rural banks in Ghana, the Akuapem Rural Bank has broken new grounds in banking by introducing the "Banking on Wheels" project which has improved its deposits and enhanced trading activities of women and girls in the informal sector.

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The bank says it hopes to operate an ATM system soon as a result of its successful computerization which it says is speeding up its work. Joshua Tetteh said the bank moves around villages to collect savings from their clients. He said the staff go to town with bullion to serve market women and other traders. Those who want withdrawals are given and deposits are received.

Such visits are done on market days in the various towns and villages. This is supported by the Akusika Susu Savings dedicated to the industrious people of Akuapem. This service which is also rendered door to door is a three- in -one package which encourages clients to save and enjoy loan facilities. Tetteh further explained that after three months of door to door collection of deposits, clients are given the opportunity to access loans from the bank which is three times their savings.

As the 12th rural bank to be the established in the country and the third in the Eastern Region, the bank has about 36, clients with about 2, shareholders and total assets of about 44 billion cedis.

akuapem towns

Asked about the trend in repayment of loans, Mr. Tetteh said it is neither low nor high. He said farming in the mountains is a difficult task for the farmers and when there is little or no rainfall it means the farmers cannot repay their loans and may need more time.

The bank in collaboration with Gemini Life Insurance Company also operates a Micro insurance scheme known as Anidaso This policy provides families with funeral benefits as well as an opportunity to accumulate investment income towards one's retirement. Clients pay a minimum of 22, cedis a month and get five million cedis upon the loss of a relative.

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Tetteh said. Another product of the Bank is the Women in development Programme which aims at widening its customer base to include small scale women traders and producers in the informal sector and to support young girls some of whom are school dropouts.

According to him, collateral for loans is not as strict as what pertains in the traditional banks. Tetteh said although remuneration for staff is not as high as in major banks, he said cost of living in the countryside is not as high as in the city. The closure of other banks such as Barclays and Standard Chartered in the Eastern region has given a new impetus to rural banks who are serving the needs of rural Ghanaians.

By submitting above, you agree to our privacy policy. Other innovative products by the Bank include a student's saving scheme operated from the campuses of secondary schools in the Akuapem Ridge.

This scheme which has low initial deposits is to encourage thrift development of saving habits among students. The Bank in collaboration with the Metropolitan and Allied Bank and the Express Funds are into money transfer services from abroad. There is also a local money transfer services known as Apex Link transfer.

The management of cultural heritage and landscape in inner areas

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Toggle navigation. Public Agenda Accra. Sign up for free AllAfrica Newsletters Get the latest in African news delivered straight to your inbox. Top Headlines Ghana Environment Women.Init was elevated to the status of a Municipality by LI The Assembly performs executive, deliberative, and legislative functions in the interest the development of the Municipality.

The vision of the Municipal Assembly is to be among the top ten district Assemblies in the country in the provision of world class Municipal works and services.

The Municipal Assembly exists to improve upon the living conditions of the people through effective and efficient mobilization and utilization of resources with particular reference to community participation. Based on its vision, mission, Act and LIthe Assembly performs the following functions:. The programmes and projects implemented during the period under review focused on six 6 thematic areas that pertains to the Municipality out of the seven 7 thematic areas in the National Policy Framework.

These six 6 thematic areas were:. The Programme commenced in and ended in A total of nine 9 physical projects were completed under the programmes and these rehabilitation of two 2 feeder roads, construction of three 3 classroom blocks and drilling of four 4 boreholes.

Ghana School Feeding Programme GSFP is a major social protection and a poverty reduction intervention being undertaken by the Government of Ghana to achieve universal primary education, promote an increase in domestic food production and consumption andincrease the incomes of poor rural householdsThe basic concept of the Programme is to provide children in public primary schools and kindergartens in the poorest areas of the country with one hot adequately nutritious meal prepared from locally grown foodstuffs on every school going day.

The Programme commenced in the Municipality in with eleven 11 schools. Currently, the programme has thirty 30 beneficiary schools with a total enrolment of The programme has created jobs for 12 caterers and 64 cooks. The Rural Enterprise Programme is an intervention targeted at improving the livelihoods and incomes of rural poor micro and small entrepreneurs. It commenced in the Municipality in and will end in It has the objective of increasing the number of rural MSEs that generate profit, growth and employment opportunities.

Ina total of one hundred and seventy eight people in MSEs entrepreneurs and farmers benefited from the Programme in areas such as: Intermediate training in financial management, General business management, Facilitation of access to Rural Finance for MSEs and Stakeholders fora for MSEs in the Municipality.

The main objective of the programme is to train the youth and provide them with employable skills for the job market. An achievement that the programme recorded was the reduction in youth unemployment as most of them are now self-employed, others integrated into government sectors and the rest pursuing further studies in their trained areas. The Programme started in the Municipality in with the youths as the target beneficiaries and it has really been beneficial especially in the creation of employment for the youth, reducing rural urban migration and ensuring food security in the Municipality.


It main objective is to build the capacity of men and women in rural communities to end their own hunger and poverty. During the years tothe NGO undertook the following projects:. The Girl Power Programme is a five 5 year programme funded by the Dutch Government with the aim of promoting equal rights and opportunities for girls and young women through implementation of programmes such as promotion of primary and post primary education for girls, socio-political and economic empowerment of girls and young women and their protection against violence.

The projects implemented so far included:. The Akuapem North Municipality is located in south-eastern part of the eastern region and is about 58km from Accra, the capital city of Ghana. The Municipality covers a total land area of square kilometers representing about two point three percent 2.

It has about settlements with Akropong as its Municipal capital.The Akuapem people are an amalgamation of indigenous patriarchal, Volta-Camoe-speaking Guans and matriarchal, Kwa-speaking Akan people occupying the mountainous Akuapem Hills in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The Akuapem people are the most peaceful, respectful and humblest of all Ghanaian tribes.

They are only people even when they want to insult you, they start with an apology. Akuapem adowa dnacers. She has been living here for ages. She owns her recording studios and other businesses on the Akuapem Mountains. These towns are located on the Akuapem Ridge, which runs northeastwards across the Volta Region and extends further into Togo. The following 17 principal towns form the Akuapem state, viz. If the latter town is reckoned as two, viz. The inhabitants belong to three, or strictly speaking, two different tribes.

The vegetation of the district forest with shrub and semi-forest. Most town and villagers are located on a mountain and visibility is very poor in the morning, because of the tall trees. It has also got deep valleys which makes farming activities very difficult. There are two raining seasons with the major rainfall occurring between May and August the minor rainfal in October.

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They comprise both Akan and Guan communities. Akan Twi represent With Akuapem Twi spoken by almost all the residents in the Akuapem mountains; it could be said that the Twi language can be the most effective medium of mass communication and functional education as well as development information dissemination.

To illustrate this diversity further, the people of Abiriw comprise different ethnic origins among which are former Akan including Akwamu, Denkyira and Asante Gilbert The Akan in Akuapem who speak Twi are the descendants of the Akyem people who live at Akropong and their relations at Amanokrom. The people of Aburi are also remnants of Akwamu Akan and speak Twi but have intermarried with other ethnic groups.

There has also been a great deal of inter-marriage with Ga, Shai and former Ewe captives and several others Gilbert in the Akuapem towns.It lies on the east of the ridge on the Akonnobepow. In English meaning "fire-stone". These towns are located on the Akuapem Ridge, which runs northeastwards across the Volta Region of Ghana and extends further into the Republic of Togo. Larteh is a twin town comprising Larteh Ahenease and Larteh Kubease.

The language spoken is Gua which is a stock of the Kwa. The oral tradition of Larteh Kubease claims that they came from inland and settled west of the mouth of the Volta among the Kpesi, aborigines of Guan extraction.

Larteh Kubease were led by Fianko Adeyite. On the hills they first settled at a place called Afianko. The Afianko sojourn seems to have been the briefest, since no living structures were created there. They moved to present Larteh Kubease. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.

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